As you age, your arteries may become thinner due to plaque deposits from calcium, cholesterol and fibrous tissue. This ‘hardening’ process is called atherosclerosis and, if untreated, could prevent healthy amounts of blood from traveling to your organs, causing serious medical complications. Surgical bypass treats these narrowed arteries by creating a detour around the blocked section of your artery so blood can once again freely flow at normal levels.

What is Surgical Bypass?

Similar to a bypass surgery on the heart’s arteries, surgical bypass for peripheral arterial disease involves creating a new pathway for blood flow using a graft. Grafts can be constructed from a portion of one of your veins or a man-made synthetic tube – like a stent. Your vascular surgeon connects the graft above and below the blockage to allow blood to freely pass.

Typically, vascular surgeons use bypasses to treat arteries in the leg that have become blocked.

Comprehensive Vascular Care

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